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"You have to resurrect the deep pain within you and give it a place to live that is not within your body. Let it live in writing. Let it live in music. Let it be devoured by building brighter connections. Your body is not a coffin for pain to be buried in. Put it somewhere else."
~ Ehimeora 


A garden embodies the organic and mysterious ways of grief. It has a natural lifecycle from birth unto death. All things live, flourish, mature, and pass. There are layers, phases, and seasons to be present with. Gardens have specific needs that require nourishment, patience, and love. It is a collective of many plants which have their own roots and memories like our experiences. Every aspect of a garden works together in some way. Some plants provide shelter for others and share needed nutrients to flourish.

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“Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom.” ~ Rumi

Dear Tender Hearts,

Welcome.Chances are, you are reading this because you or somebody you know needs grief support. My heart goes out to you with compassion, understanding, and encouragement to lean into the way through.


This is a ‘sacred dwelling’ to learn about grief and to expand your awareness. The resources and variety of healing modalities in this garden is here to comfort you through the storm while inspiring self-discovery, meaning making, emotional liberation, and transformation along the way. All of you is welcome here.


Ultimately, life is impermanent just like in grief’s spiral, ‘no feeling is final’. Grief is healing in motion and changes as we tend to our inner stratification that sometimes gets stuck. Not to worry, flowers do abundantly bloom in this garden alongside the turbulence of breaking through the thresholds of the soil.

A wise person said, “There are as many ways to grieve as there are people in the world.” This grief garden is a custom invitation to walk your unique path of self-healing by curiously exploring what works for you. It’s also a reminder to be your own advocate through application and integration, while bravely sharing your journey, being in community, and asking for help when you need it.

Together, May we create time and space for learning skills to express and process our grief so we can return again and again to our fullest joy, aliveness, connection with each other and love for life. Remember that you are not alone.

May you get your hands and knees dirty as you tend to ‘sacred grief’

"What is placed on the Altar is Altered"

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Grief Doula Kylee Gies

A part of me died the day my sweet Oliver (Oggy) transitioned back into The Great Mystery. I have been on a very deep spiritual journey from complete darkness into the light again like a phoenix rising from the ashes with my son by my side. I believe grief is not something that requires closure. It is a powerful force that lives within us and has its own ‘life’ force in a plethora of ways. Grief requires, and sometimes demands, methods of integration so that one can embrace painful turbulence and invite consistent becoming while living a life full of joy and sadness together as one. Our wounds are a custom invitation to walk our unique path of healing.

I am fulfilling my personal calling to be of service to others as a Grief Doula. My speciality is companioning bereaved parents, especially Mothers, on their grief journeys. I welcome all forms of grief that needs tending to with love and compassion for death, loss, suffering, and grief are a natural part of the life cycle. I provide experiential opportunities to explore and to grow with expressive heART therapy, ritual, ceremony, and Earth Psychology in individual and group settings.


I am honored to be of service to your heart and walk with you side by side on your grief journey.


"I highly recommend doing this kind of work, and you’ll be in very good hands with Kylee. It’s possible to transform pain and suffering into joy and love. This is the way to get started."

- Georgia

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