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Hello, I'm Kylee

I believe grief is not something that requires closure. It is a powerful force that lives within us and has its own ‘life’ force in a plethora of ways. It is asking us to lean in, to feel it fully, and then to alchemize our being through healing ourselves. Grief requires, and sometimes demands, methods of integration so that one can embrace painful turbulence and invite consistent becoming while living a life full of joy and sadness together as one. Our wounds are a custom invitation to walk our unique path of healing.

I am fulfilling my personal calling to be of service to others as a Grief Doula. Others will inevitably walk the bereaved path. My speciality is companioning bereaved parents, especially Mothers, on their grief journeys. I welcome all forms of grief that needs tending to with love and compassion for death, loss, suffering, and grief are a natural part of the life cycle. I am able to support others by meeting them where they are at in the present moment and move at a person’s pace toward making meaning out of grief.


I received certification as a Creative Grief Support Practitioner with The Creative Grief Studio in Fall 21'. I also received certification to be a Grief Movement Guide with Paul Denniston's Grief Yoga and Movement program in Fall 22'. In October 23' I finished Eckhart Tolle's and Kim Eng's School of Awakening program; 'Becoming a Teacher of Presence'. These continued experiential education programs have further resourced me as a Grief Doula. 

What is a Grief Doula?

A ‘Doula’ is a trained professional who ‘tends’ and supports another person through a significant life experience(s). Just as a Birth Doula supports a soon to be Mother in all the phases of having a baby to keep her safe, informed, and guided, a Grief Doula accompanies others’ grief journeys with them. The grief could be related to scenarios such as death, loss, bereavement, transitions, passages, health issues, identity, etc.


Since grief is deeply connected to love, it can show up wherever your heart experiences deep emotion and connection to life’s precious gifts.


Do you need one-on-one grief support?


It takes courage to create space for healing. I commend your bravery for being here seeking alternatives to explore deeper currents of grief’s presence in your life.


A wise person once said, “There are as many ways to grieve as there are people in the world.” This clarifies how our wounds are a custom invitation to walk our unique paths of self-healing. I am here to help you find your own way to ‘be with’ and to ‘move with’ grief as younavigate through your authentic journey.


It can be challenging, and it takes time. I’m not here to fix or save anyone, and this is not a ‘one and done’ process. Wherever we start, the work always leads towards your own path of continuous meaning making. Between sessions, your job is to reflect, process, and lead the way for your own transformation.


What does a personal session entail?



1. In-person in the Yurt in the woods surrounded by nature at Sacred Dwelling.

2. Virtual sessions via zoom


I offer creative grief support that has a heart centered foundation and encompasses a holistic approach, creative exploration, and personal growth.


Our time together will be honored with utmost regard to meeting you where you are at.

I will intuitively offer you choices of experiential exercises utilizing body, speech, and mind.


You can read more about the power of expressive modalities and what they are in the

grief garden.


"I am always honored and humbled to walk beside another who is tending to the layers of their grief garden."

What does a group session entail?


Sometimes we go through significant life altering experiences together as a group or a family. The most prominent example is the death of a family member. This can include an anticipatory circumstance where grief is very present leading up to an inevitable loss of somebody you love. However, group sessions are not limited to death or loss. I work with aligned situations that call for Grief Doula support. If Death Doula services are specifically needed, I can refer you to somebody.


I ‘grief tend’ for the group in multiple sessions by considering each person’s needs along with the group at large. A group process is tenderly honored in sacred space with presence, discernment, skill, and resources.


The offering can include:

-Curated ceremony (MC services are available)

-Expressive arts therapy sessions

-The curation of life celebration to honor the passage of someone who passed over.


These services can alleviate stress and pressure among the group while encouraging choice, connection, honor, healing, and community.

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Sacred Dwelling is a beautiful, calming sanctuary an easy drive from Seattle. I have done several workshops here and always leave feeling transformed. The land is like a magical forest and the yurt is warm and lovely and safe. Kylee's gentle, generous spirit is an endless well of wisdom, especially doing the hard work of moving through grief.

-Martha Early

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