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Sacred Dwelling

A Healing Arts Center for Tending Inner Landscapes

An Invitation to Tend the Sacred Dwelling Within

Description: Heart of Essence "  O.G.G."

The foundation of this sacred space provides a wholesome container for exploration and growth. Give yourself time and space to discover and navigate your internal landscape! Human beings are intrinsic seekers, repairers, and healers. Everyone who comes here is bringing their own authentic dwelling place deep within their own being to be tended. May you align your outward self with your inner truth.


Events include, but are not limited to: yoga retreats, sound baths, writing and grief workshops, educational programs, women's ceremonies, expressive arts, and newly aligned offerings. Our workshops and events are intended to offer a safe supportive environment so people can learn about themselves through diverse modalities. Sharing our personal dwelling place within community honors this universal source in all of us and welcomes ALL people.

"Death is a Teacher, Grief is a Practice"

Throughout our journey in this tragically beautiful life, all of us are touched by adversity along with painful events such as death, trauma, loss, bereavement, etc. We all experience disappointment and unmet needs. The heart ache can leave us suffering with unbearable pain. It can propel us into a deep personal journey that invariantly changes our lives and those in our inner circles, forever.


Grief organically emerges as an innate part of the human experience. Its untamed wild nature can become a force to humbly dance with as we are faced with vital choices to sink or swim when navigating our own suffering and path to wellness.


"We are not accustomed to thinking of grief as a process of finding comfort" ~ George Bonanno

Grief is universal yet is as authentic as a fingerprint. There is no 'right way' to grieve and there is nothing to be 'fixed'. Its natural cycle is non-linear and harnesses deep emotion that can internally break our hearts wide open. Grief consistently requires us to dig deep and find meaning as we 'Re:member' ourselves. This unsolicited affliction is asking us, and even forcing us to take a human journey of the heart. You are not alone in this exploration!


"Grief offers a wild alchemy that transmutes suffering into fertile ground." ~ Francis Weller

By virtue of being deeply connected to ourselves, each other, and nature, grief is a companion and teacher we cannot avoid. When we give space and presence for grieving, we can purify our pain and open channels to experience more joy. We can touch our own life force in a new way when we are not burdened by the weight of the unacknowledged. This kind of heart work brings more happiness and peace within ourselves and the collective.


As a bereaved Mother, Grief Doula, and educated resource, I have experienced how 'death is a teacher, and grief is a practice' and continue to do so. The lessons have become abundant and transformative in my life when optimizing self-healing tools and flowing with the spiral of grief versus resisting my circumstance. I find the more I allow my grief-energy to move in a skilled way, the more capacity I have to metabolize it and live life fully. I carry both the grief and the joy as I continue my Earth walk. I found my smile again.

If you or a group need support on your grief journey(s), I am here to be of service. I offer creative grief support that encompasses a holistic approach, creative exploration, and personal growth. I invite you to be an apprentice and healer of your own grief. I would be honored to accompany you with grounded guidance, sacred space, and self healing resources.

A Space for Making Space

The sustenance of nature, the gift of time and space, and the offering of quality resources is incremental in cultivating one's wellbeing. Sacred Dwelling provides  community wellness and healing events to support the mind, body, and soul. Speciality workshops are held seasonally under the big tent and throughout the year in the yurt nestled in the woods.



Sacred Dwelling is a hidden retreat treasure in Monroe. Easily accessible beautiful sacred grounds. I have attended three events there. I love the diversity of spiritual activities held at Sacred Dwelling. The property and yurt are tranquil and raise you to their vibration. There is something truly sacred with the land. I look forward to more activities and retreats at Sacred Dwelling. I just finished the Medicine Drum class and made the most beautiful buffalo hide drum. Authentic teachers and instructors just beautiful!


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