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A Space for Making Space

The sustenance of nature, the gift of time and space, and the offering of quality resources is incremental in cultivating one's wellbeing. Sacred Dwelling provides  community wellness and healing events to support the mind, body, and soul. Speciality workshops are held seasonally under the big tent and throughout the year in the yurt nestled in the woods. 

The foundation of this sacred space provides a wholesome container for exploration and growth. Events include, but are not limited to: yoga retreats, sound baths, writing and grief workshops, educational programs, women's ceremonies, expressive arts, and newly aligned offerings.

An invitation to tend the Sacred Dwelling within.

Give yourself time and space to discover and navigate your internal landscape! Human beings are intrinsic seekers, repairers, and healers. Everyone who comes here is bringing their own authentic dwelling place deep within their own being to be tended. May you align your outward self with your inner truth.


The workshops and events taking place here are intended to offer a safe supportive environment so people can learn about themselves through diverse modalities. Sharing our personal dwelling place within community honors this universal source within all of us and welcomes ALL people.

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