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Sun, Jul 21


Sacred Dwelling

Gathering of the Heartbeat with Suzanne and Kylee

The Tribe is gathering! Join us for a day of honor and celebration of the sacred 'heartbeat'. We will unify on a journey of 'collective': aspirations, peace prayers, composting, and conscious connection through our medicine drums. There will be a Traditional Coast Salish Storyteller & Flutist.

Gathering of the Heartbeat with Suzanne and Kylee
Gathering of the Heartbeat with Suzanne and Kylee

Time & Location

Jul 21, 2024, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Sacred Dwelling, 22226 223rd Ave SE, Monroe, WA 98272, USA


About the Event

“There is a deep longing among the people in the West to connect to something bigger —- with community and spirit. “ ~ Sobonfu Somé

We invite you to gather for a day of honor and celebration of the sacred ‘heartbeat’ under the 'Big Tent'. Please join us, outside in the beautiful Sky Valley country side, for a unifying journey of reciprocity to harness our personal and collective aspirations, peace prayers, healing vibrations, Native Storytelling and Flute magic, and collective consciousness through our medicine drums.

The medicine drum is one of the first primal instruments created. It reminds us of the first sound we ever heard, our heartbeat and then our Mothers. Traditional people describe the drum as representing Mother Earth and that it is her heartbeat that is heard when played. It is believed that the spirit of the animal and the tree that make the drum, live within it and is part of its medicine. It grounds our connection to Mother Earth. The beat of the drum is in harmony with her as we humanely express the healing rhythm through song, dance, and all the ways we walk through the world.

This Inclusive Event is Designed for:

ALL who feel the calling! We welcome all who have crafted and birthed a medicine drum(s) with Suzanne Silvermoon along with all who are called to the drum as a vehicle of prayer, celebration, and positive transformation.

Suzanne has been offering the medicine drum workshop at Sacred Dwelling on a quarterly basis since the summer of 2021. She has also been offering it in the greater Seattle area this past year. Henceforth, this first “Gathering of the Heartbeat” has been three years in the making! That’s roughly a hundred and fifty people---wow!!! That’s a lot of collective medicine!

We would love to know how the medicine of your drum is evolving and how you are serving that medicine in your life?

The world we live in is in the midst of a great trembling. We experienced a pandemic whose fierce repercussions are still being integrated into society. The foundational tapestries of global and national infrastructures and systems is significantly challenged to say the least. What else? Climate change, racism, deep loss, genocide, AI and the list goes on…….

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Let us courageously step into our heart centers as conscious beings and be a part of healing the pain and suffering of the human condition and the world. Let us choose awareness and wholesome powerful activities that reduce negativity and ignorance to help produce change, illumination, and kindness for the benefit of all beings.

Gathering of the Heartbeat will be an opportunity to:

~ Unite all the collective medicine in our drums as ONE

~ Build community by sharing our ‘heartbeats’ through voice and drum

~ Support our body, minds, and souls with a grief composting

    session of somatic movement ritual with Kylee and a gentle yin yoga session

    with Suzanne (no experience necessary)

~ Engage in ceremony with a central Earth altar in the center of the Big Tent

~ Expressing prayers, intentions, and offerings for the World

~ Listen to the storytelling  and flute magic of our special guest Paul Chiyokten Wagner

* Paul Chiyokten Wagner is a Sannich Nation Tribal member. He is a Traditional Coast Salish Storyteller, Flutish, and founder of Protectors of the Salish Sea.

* There will be snacks and refreshments provided along with a potluck at the end ❤️

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Facilitators Bios

Suzanne Silvermoon:

Suzanne has been making drums for herself and guiding others as well for thirty years. She finds drumming and the Circle Way to be a supportive, healing, life changing, and life affirming part of her life. Suzanne has participated in Moon Lodge just as long. She passionately supports other women to create Lodges and find connection, resource, and joy within 'the circle'.

Suzanne also is a LPN, LMT, Certified Yoga Therapist, and Ayurvedic

Wellness Counselor is a transformational healer and teacher who recognizes the multi-dimensional aspects of the human experience. Suzanne guides her students and clients drawing from a deep well of over 40 years of yoga practice, over 15 years teaching yoga, meditation and ayurveda, coupled with 28 years as a holistic nurse. She is also the very proud mama of her young adult daughter who is thriving in her life. Suzanne’s dharma (life mission) is to support individuals in liberating themselves from the physical, mental, and emotional binds that have been holding them back from realizing their healthy, beautiful, and radiant self. Suzanne believes that as each person transforms and awakens the whole world benefits.

Kylee Gies:

Kylee is a certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner, Owner of Sacred Dwelling Healing Arts Center, and Community Space Holder. She is also certified in Grief Movement Therapy and accompanies others as a Grief Doula.

After the loss of her son, Oliver, she has been following the calling to support others’ grief journeys. Kylee studied Aikido for ten years and is a life-long learner & practitioner of yoga, mindfulness/meditation, along with facilitating emotional growth programs. She formerly worked in the field of International Education as an Advisor and Field Instructor. She holds space with love and compassion while providing expressive therapeutic modalities that encompass meaning-making, integration, creative exploration, and growth.Kylee works with individuals one on one and facilitates grief circles and workshops that focus on ritual therapeutics, ceremony, creativity, connection, and Earth psychology-based healing modalities. For more info about Kylee's Story and Grief Doula Services go to:

Paul Chiyokten Wagner:

Paul Chiyokten Wagner is a Saanich Nation tribal member which is located on so called Vancouver Island BC Canada. As a Traditional Coast Salish Storyteller & flutist he brings us on a wonderful, profound and humorous journey to the world of Mermaids, Leprechauns, Grandmother cedar trees and marauding giant ogresses in traditional story, song and Native American flute music of his Coast Salish territory. We don’t simply listen to the story… we are part of the story! We will travel to the ancient forests, meadows and waters of the Salish Sea and experience the eternal connective sounds of nature with masterful deliverance of Coast Salish Native American flute music and storytelling. His debut CD “Journey Of The Spirit” won the JPF National Music Award “Best Native American Album 2009” Chiyokten is also the founder of Protectors of the Salish Sea of who actively stand up for the tree, plant and animal peoples as well as our human peoples of Mother Earth and the livable future for all children.

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